Ever wonder if there’s an easier way to do your business when you’re miles from the nearest indoor toilet? InstaPrivy portable toilets are the next best option to indoor plumbing for hunting, backpacking, camping, and RVing. When your life is full of outdoor adventures, don’t let the lack of sanitary toilets keep you from heading toward wherever you dream of going. Portable toilets can be a lifesaver, keeping you from having to wander too far from the safety of the trail for privacy. Beyond that, an easy-to-use camping toilet is an absolute necessity when you bring kids along for the ride!

InstaPrivy lightweight, compact, and functional portable toilets have unequaled:

  • Portability: A mere 7lbs and sets up in seconds for those “gotta-go-now” moments.
  • Privacy: A pop up privacy tent is the best way to keep your personal business personal.
  • Sanitation: Helps you Leave No Trace, protecting the environment and provides a hard-to-find level of sanitation when you’re in the middle of the wilderness.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Affordable, durable, time-and-sanity-saving, the InstaPrivy will last through all your outdoor adventures for years to come.

Instaprivy camping toilet is a versatile and practical option for providing bathroom facilities in outdoor settings. Offering a number of advantages over traditional toilets, it can be a valuable asset for outfitters and other businesses that cater to outdoor enthusiasts.