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InstaPrivy Toilet Kit

Introducing a Better Way to go in the Woods

InstaPrivy, LLC is an energetic startup company with an innovative new product that will greatly improve your next outdoor experience.  Our product, the InstaPrivy, is a super compact, lightweight and functional portable toilet and privacy shelter system.  The difference?  The InstaPrivy is truly portable and sets up in seconds!  It is designed for your adventurous lifestyle to provide you the freedom to get away from the city, campsite or smelly plastic porta-johns with comfort and confidence.  It also provides preppers a practical "bug out" privacy system where size, weight and functionality are critical considerations.  

 The InstaPrivy is a product that was born out of necessity for my family.  The InstaPrivy concept has gone through years of engineering, testing and refinement, evolving into the unequaled adventure ready product it is today, ideal for you, your family and friends.  We believe it is a must for any outdoor activity and for your emergency preparedness kit.  Keep one in your vehicle and one in your home and you will always be prepared for every "gotta-go" emergency moment.  Fans of the InstaPrivy are outdoor adventurers of all types: hikers, tailgaters, hunters, boaters, fishermen, outdoor festival goers and of course campers.  Military, FEMA, and also preppers around the world are fans and soon to be fans as well.

We designed the InstaPrivy primarily as a portable toilet system, but it has proven useful for many other privacy needs like changing clothes, nursing, hygiene tasks and even as a temporary emergency shelter as the shelter is made of a lightweight and durable coated material.  

No matter where you go, InstaPrivy is the best way to go!


Sanitation Saves Lives! Mobile Toilets in Demand!

List Verse says that a lack of suitable toilet conditions and the unsanitary environment caused by this results in 1.8 million deaths each year. Original story

Mobile Toilets in Demand!

According to the World Toilet Organization, more people worldwide own mobile phones than toilets. Original story

The First Porta-Potty in a Row is the Cleanest!

According to Gotugo, “The first portable toilet is usually used least. This makes it the cleanest toilet in a row.” Everybody assumes that everyone else is going to the first toilet they come to, and so they go further down the line.  Original story

There is a Need for the Portable Toilets with Privacy!

List Verse says there is an estimated 2.6 billion people worldwide do not have access to proper toilet facilities, particularly in rural areas of China and India. Original story


Mid-fourteenth century  B.C.

The first portable toilet was discovered in the Egyption tomb of Kha from the mid-fourteenth century  B.C. Original story


The flushing toilet was invented by Sir John Harrington in 1596 for Queen Elizabeth I. Original story


Joseph Bramah improved the design of the flushing lavatory in 1778, from Alexander Cumming's design. Original story


Thomas Crapper invented the plumbing trap (U-bend) in 1880. Original story


The first pedestal toilet bowl was made in 1884. Original story


The Vacant/In-Use Bolt for public bathrooms was patented in 1883 by a Mr Ashwell. Original Story


Toilet paper on rolls goes on sale in the USA in 1890. Original story



Toilet is derived from the French word toilette, which means little cloth.

Original story


Lavatory comes from the Latin lavare meaning to wash. Original story

The Privy

The Privy is an old fashioned term used more in the North of England and in Scotland, a possible derivation meaning private place. Original story

The Heads

On board a ship the toilets are called the heads. Original story

Other Names

Also called: Lavatory, Loo, Water Loo, Water Closet, Jacks, House of Office, Khazi, Bog, Dunny, Netty, Shithouse, John, Privy, Crapper, Outhouse, Vin, Latrine, Comfort Room, Porta-potty, Porta-john, Honey bucket, Porta-loo, Johnny-on-the-spot. Original story