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Is this a real product?

Yes, this is absolutely a real product! It has been engineered and tested extensively in hot deserts to rugged mountain tops. Prototype after prototype have been created, tested and improved upon to ensure we are offering you the best possible product we can. Additionally, the InstaPrivy is a patented product.

How quickly can InstaPrivy be set up and taken down.

Unlike tent shelters which can take 10-15 minutes to set up, the InstaPrivy can be deployed or put away in 30 seconds or less.

Is InstaPrivy legal within city limits?

After several phone calls with the local police department and city hall, we found in our particular city that InstaPrivy is indeed legal within city limits. This comes with a caveat, please use common sense and check with your own city regulations first as every city is different. In our case, it sure is handy at a kids soccer game where there are no bathrooms to be found.

How much will InstaPrivy cost?

InstaPrivy currently has an estimated MSRP of $150.00.

What do you do with the waste bags?

The waste bags are made of plastic and contain the same non-toxic super absorbent gel used in diapers. Like diapers, the waste bags are approved for disposal in most refuse containers. Waste containment and proper disposal of waste not only saves our environment, it saves lives as the leading cause of death in post disaster situations is disease caused by human waste contamination, so please do your part and Leave No Trace. It is good for you and our environment.

Are the waste bags biodegradable?

Although the current waste bags are not biodegradable, offering a biodegradable waste bag with a reliable shelf life is one of our top priorities. As we are a team of outdoor enthusiasts with a deep love and respect for our environment, we are determined to solve this issue. There will still be a need for the plastic bags in some applications, but we feel confident we can produce a reliable biodegradable waste bag for most situations.

 Do you ship worldwide?

We ship to the European Union, the USA, Australia, and Canada.

How tall is the potty seat from the ground up?

I just measured mine it is 14 inches from the ground The Cover is great and everything fits in the backpack. But the potty seat is a little low for me. I just use a 5 gallon bucket and toilet seat that snaps onto it. But the toilet seat that comes with this is great for the grandkids. Great product you will love the privacy cover.

Where can you buy extra waste bags?

Any standard biodegradable waste bags can be used with this system.

How tall is the tent up?

The side of the tent is about 4 feet. The tapered portion at the top of the tent adds another 4-5 inches to the length. Whether standing or seated, the tent provides ample coverage of areas you want to keep private. The tent also works great for changing clothes and showering in the field. Thank you for your question.

How much weight can it support?

I don't know the manufacturer's specs, but easy holds 230 lbs. Much more secure and easier to set up and break down than the tripod type.

What is the diameter of the tent when fully expanded?

The tent is 38 inches across. It provides ample room for bathroom use, changing clothes, showering or whatever your privacy need is.