Emergency Preparedness

These days, we’ve learned the hard way that supply chains aren’t as invulnerable as we once believed. Power grids are at risk. Weather events can be catastrophic. Emergencies can hit anywhere at any time. Maybe work or adventure takes you away from civilization on a regular basis and you find yourself far from the convenience of indoor plumbing. Whatever the cause or reason, a portable toilet can be a necessity for anyone. For the doomsday prepper to the Jeep off-roader and everything in between, the InstaPrivy camping toilet can completely change the way you do business.

Built to be affordable, durable, and practical, the InstaPrivy is easy to pack away in a bug out bag, bunker, trunk or backseat. Suitable for solo cross-country travels as well as family survival situations, this portable toilet is an easy solution to bathroom worries no matter the circumstances. Whether you choose your adventure or disaster finds you, be prepared and face it head on with InstaPrivy toilet kit.