InstaPrivy is at Modern Day Marine!

InstaPrivy is at Modern Day Marine!

Modern Day Marine was a success!  It was great to be around Marines again and to get their thoughts on the InstaPrivy. 

A Female Motor Transport Marine who frequently drives full day convoy ops where there is very seldom any privacy, said:  This is really a great product, we seriously need these on every Marine vehicle"

Two Recon Marines, who I admitedly thought would give me a hard time for my comfy portable toilet kit, said they just came back from a remote Op in a foreign country and they had to bag their waste and ship it out via helicopter every couple days for 3 months.  They said they would have been fighting over an InstaPrivy as that situation got very old, very quick!

I know I wish we I had an InstaPrivy when I was in and serving in 29 Palms, CA.  Ammo crates and MRE sleeves really did not work very well.   

Thank you for your feedback Marines!  Semper Fi!

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